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Lift Kit Accessories

Hear Are Some Of The Lift Kit Accessories Truck & Van Has To Offer

Brake Lines

Five layer construction of Kevlar lined stainless steel braided brake line.

Bump Stop Extensions

The sound of metal on metal coming from your suspension system after bottoming out is never a good thing. BDS bump stops add final cushion and prevents these parts from coming together and causing damage or breakage.

Control Arms

The new BDS control arms come fully assembled and sold in pairs. They also come standard in new BDS long arm and short arm lift kits, see specific kit applications for more information.

Exhaust Extension Kit

Provides extra front driveshaft clearance.

Leveling Spacer

Coil spring spacers are a cost effective way to add a little extra lift and prevent metal on metal contact between the spring and the frame without compromising coil performance.

Octo Cam Kit

Cam bolts are used to fine tune the caster setting with stock or fixed length control arms.

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